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Raymond Carver. His short stories, wow...


I can't say enough about Mr Carver's short stories and how they have influenced my writing. That discussion is for another time, though, possibly in a blog article.

Eli Wilde. His short stories. Yes, I have written a few. I really enjoy the short story form and how the reader can start and finish the story in a single sitting. It is immediate, no waiting for answers, all answers are there in that one sitting. Or are they? Maybe not. Some stories you take with you and they reveal themselves over time. Mr Carvers stories are like that for me. That's partly why I enjoy them.




I'm talking about him who must not be named, again, when I should be talking about Eli... 

Meet Foster Brother, the curator of my short stories: 


Read Character.png

Hopefully, he will share my short stories with you when Yarn is published in eBook and paperback form.


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