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Rufus Hobster is a vampire. He writes poetry. 


He's also been whispering stories into my ears these past twenty years. Stories about how he was turned by a vampire that left him to fend for himself in the 1800's. How he survived in Victorian London during the days of the Ripper and awakened in London during the bombings in the 1940's. 

He hates to talk about the girl, and the way she convinced him into going to the extermination camp at Treblinka. What they found and lost there ultimately cost him everything. 

But most of all, he hates to whisper about his time when he returned to Darlington, in the new millennium only to discover the true meaning of loss.

The first part of Rufus's story - My Unbeating Heart is now available on Amazon.

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Rufus's poetry collection is published in paperback as La Petite Mort. Here are a few of Rufus's poems:

Ravenus Del.png
Time Being.png
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