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As a writer, it's sometimes difficult to let go of your characters.  

That happened to me with Macy and Isaac, two characters from a short story I wrote in 2014. The story was called The Killers, and part of a tribute anthology to Charles Burkowski. As soon as The Killer's was finished, I knew it was not finished. 

The story is set in a nameless place, in a rundown garage and homestead. Sloane, the owner of the garage, keeps his daughter, Macy, as a sex worker to pay off his gambling debts. When Isaac shows up, Macy sees a different side to life. 


Macy and Isaac are flawed, but interesting characters. She is naïve, with no experience of the outside world. While he is naïve, with too much experience of the outside world. They fit together like beautiful death and strange love.

After I finished the The Killers, I always knew I would return to Macy and Isaac. I just had to know where life would take them and if fate was going to good to them or bad.

It wasn't until I started writing their story again that I discovered one of Macy's feet had no skin or muscle. It was in effect, a skeleton foot. I also discovered that heads could function without a body and skeletons were not something to be scared of, but instead, a thing of beauty.

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