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Villa of the Deaf One

You're here then, are you?

That's good. The ritual is about to begin, you know what I mean?

Of course, there will be plenty of time to change your face later on. I have ideas for some much better ones than the one you are wearing. You would look a lot better with the head of a goat, don't you think?

Hmm, maybe I'm moving too quick for you now. Don't worry, like I said, there will be plenty of time later on for you to choose a new look when you join the Cloven. And we will choose something awesome for you, right?

For now, we should move on with the ritual. You are ready, yeah?

Villa of the Deaf One is Book 2 of the Black Paintings Series by Eli Wilde and Michael F Simpson and due for publication in 2024.

The story involves an autistic boy called Kevin who goes on a journey with a surgeon obsessed with removing body parts to make people look like the characters in the pictures Kevin draws. His zombie pictures.


That is, when the surgeon isn't cutting off noses or ears and grafting them onto arms, legs or scalps.


Kevin is joined by a crow on the journey, who leads them to his villa in Dartmoor.  Crow doesn't want to make zombies, he wants the surgeon to transform people into half animal, half human creatures, the preferred look for his Cloven army.

Villa of the Deaf One cover reveal in 2024

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