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Orchard of Skeletons

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Mr Anxiety

Orchard of Skeletons

The Sweet Scent of Liver 



How do you cope with anxiety?

When Jed’s mum dies, his world is turned upside down and his anxiety finds a new source of unease to feed upon. After the funeral, he leaves his job in England to start work in India. His anxiety only gets worse in his new role until he finds a new friend. A friend only he can see.

Aftab has a head shaped like an egg and small, dark eyes at the side of his face rather than the front. His nose is long and slim, beneath which is a narrow mouth, slightly wider than his nose. Perfectly bald, he has no facial hair or eyebrows either. Despite his mouth never moving, he speaks in the voice of Stephen Fry.

Jed’s new friend helps him sleep by using a vacuum cleaner to stop the anaconda sliding down Jed’s throat. And he makes him smile by playing jokes on people at work. He warns Jed, too, that something is wrong in his life. Something Jed can never make right.

Orchard of Skeletons is a dystopian novel about Isaac and Macy who are on the run from a psychopath that wants to kill one of them and return the other to a life of slavery.


During their run for freedom, they encounter an unlikely friend in the form of a replicant whose head has been severed from its body.


The land they journey through is full of bones, abandoned towns and wolves.



There is hope, though. If they can reach Zeko's, the replicant can get a new body and he can show Isaac and Macy the way to the beach.



Once they reached the beach it didn't matter what happens afterwards. Isaac had never been to the beach. Never heard waves crash agains the shore. And he desperately wanted to  know if the sound would make his spine tingle like the flies did when they flew against Macy's glass window.

The Sweet Scent of Liver is an anthology of eight short stories that span 100 years.  


Each story is linked by infected humans called the sharded.


Synthetics, clones, and humans are all touched by the actions of the sharded, but it is the darkness of the soul that determines the path each character takes.  


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Eli started writing when he was very young and stopped writing while he was still young. He didn’t pick up a pen to write again until many years later. Now that he is telling stories once more, everything feels as it should.



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