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Orchard of Skeletons


My Unbeating Heart 



Rafe and Lucy are extinctionists. They think humanity is bad for planet earth.


When Rafe starts to dream about Claustrophobis, a place of limitless torture, he awakens each morning in odd locations.



Outside, in a shower of rain.


Lying in a bath full of water.


Floating in a public swimming pool.

Only his brother knows the secret meaning of Claustrophobis. Only Rafe will be given the power to make humanity extinct.  

Orchard of Skeletons is a dystopian novel about Isaac and Macy who are on the run from a psychopath that wants to kill one of them and return the other to a life of slavery.


During their run for freedom, they encounter an unlikely friend in the form of a replicant whose head has been severed from its body.


The land they journey through is full of bones, abandoned towns and wolves.



There is hope, though. If they can reach Zeko's, the replicant can get a new body and he can show Isaac and Macy the way to the beach. 

Like a shade, I walked silence unseen by anyone.

Until I needed to feed.

Rufus Hobster is not my real name. It did not become my name until I saw it chiselled on a gravestone one moonlit night and claimed it as my own.

It was not until I found my name that I realised I had once been a man. From that night onwards, I endeavoured to become more human.

London in the 1800's taught me what is meant to be mortal. Made me understand why a human should never fall in love with a vampire. 

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Eli started writing when he was very young and stopped writing while he was still young. He didn’t pick up a pen to write again until many years later. Now that he is telling stories once more, everything feels as it should.



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